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Your personal
recovery retreat

Indulge in the tranquility of our Tijuana recovery homes, perfect for medical tourism. Our ocean-view recovery guesthouses and dedicated aftercare staff ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Enjoy 24/7 care from registered nurses and experienced caregivers, nutritionist-inspired meals promoting healing, and the safety of our gated communities. Your journey to a revitalized life begins here.

Our experiences

Alicia Sigler

I have been recommending Casa de Linda for many years - they have taken excellent care of my patients, her team of nurses and therapists are very knowledgeable.

I only hear good things about them. The location of her recovery home is in front of the ocean and you can hear the waves all day long! With beautiful sunsets! Their food is patient-friendly and they even admit the patient’s companions.

Do you need a board certified plastic surgeon?

We prioritize the well-being of patients seeking plastic surgery in Mexico, ensuring our guests are attended by board-certified plastic surgeons. If undergoing plastic surgery, please verify your surgeon's credentials in the online directories.

Click the buttons below to access the AMCPER & CMCPER directories and confirm your surgeon's certification.

Our Location

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