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Raindrop Massage is a relaxing and therapeutic massage that utilizes a sequence of highly concentrated therapeutic-grade essential oils applied to the skin. Its primary function is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, helping to strengthen the body's defenses.


This alternative therapy combines Western techniques for calming and relaxing, such as Swedish massage, with Eastern techniques for invigorating, such as Shiatsu and reflexology. This aromatherapy massage influences the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.


When inhaled, the essential oils directly target the limbic system of the brain since the nose communicates directly with this system, which regulates emotions.


"Aromas trigger the glandular response and, undoubtedly, the response of the nervous center." And when applied to the skin: "as the skin responds to the massage, its nerve endings communicate with internal organs, glands, nerves, and the circulatory system." Thus, with this therapy, we achieve a comprehensive balance of the individual.

Raindrop Massage