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Do you know why they are called 'caballitos' in Mexico?

This classic Mexican glassware has its origins in the 19th century. According to the Mexican Tequila Academy, it's called "caballito" (little horse) because wealthy landowners of that era used to ride on horseback to supervise the work in the agave fields. During these trips, they carried a small bag (itacate) with two gourds, one containing water and the other tequila.

To enjoy the tequila, they used a bovine horn, which was carefully cleaned inside to form a small container that was hung around the neck with a ixtle rope, and they drank it in one gulp. This peculiar way of savoring tequila was characteristic of the time, and the most common response to this custom was "It's for the tequila in the little horse (caballito)."

Rosarito Shot Glass 'Caballito'