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24/7 availability of certified and experienced nurses and caregivers.   

Support includes:


  • routine monitoring of vital signs

  • aid in showering and clothes changing

  • dressing wound changes and emptying of surgical drains     

  • medication management

  • mobility assistance and comfort positioning

  • help changing post-surgery compression garments

  • teaching of aftercare responsibilities

  • housekeeping of personal spaces

  • laundering of post-surgery compression garments and personal clothing

  • personal care intercom service

  • use of wheelchair and walkers available during stay

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Nutritionist-inspired meals with ingredients that aid in your recovery.

Stay includes:  


  • homemade daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks and beverages 

  • high quality, fresh foods

  • chosen ingredients that help reduce and control inflammation, constipation and pain--along with reducing the risk of infection

  • meals served to you wherever you are most comfortable--oceanview dining room, oceanview outdoor patio or your own bedroom.

  • catering to specials diets (allergies, vegan, keto, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.)

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A professional, friendly and discreet transport service with drivers who will safely and comfortably get you to where you require.

Stay includes:

  • pick up from surgery location to recovery guesthouse

  • transport to and from follow-up doctor's appointment

  • emergency care transportation, if necessary


Stay does not include the following fee-based transportation services:

  • airport transport ($95 USD / one way)

  • additional appointment transport

  • recreational transport (shopping, restaurants, etc.)

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Activities & 

In addition to enjoying the hypnotic sights of the ocean--we also provide a few other options to help you enjoy your time with us.

Stay includes:

  • flat screen television in each bedroom

  • Wi-Fi, Netflix, HBO, Disney and Spotify

  • books and magazines

  • board games, puzzles, books, and playing cards


Stay does not include sightseeing trips.

If you are interested in visiting somewhere in particular--transportation can be arranged at an additional cost. Pre-Surgery Stays can also be reserved at a discounted price. Please see Pricing page.

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