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Notes of Appreciation

We absolutely love hearing the wonderful things that guests and their companions say about the Casa By Linda team and the care and concern they provide. 

Please read through their thoughts and learn a little more about us to inform your after surgery recovery care decisions. 

And we hope to earn your

Note of Appreciation, too!


Texas, USA

This is the Four Seasons for post op care. I felt very pampered during my stay. The best thing I did was book to have my recovery here and I stayed for 10 days. It is run by a wonderful and extremely attentive staff. Linda is the owner and the nurses Priscilla and Amber are highly trained individuals with nursing education to make sure you are being properly cared for.  Priscilla is certified to be able to provide Lymphatic massages if your doctor recommends them. You are taken care of top to bottom by the most caring, professional and understanding people. They also provide a ride to and from any doctor's appointments you may have during your stay. Linda also sells additional compression garments and boppy pillows if you need them for your recovery. The view is amazing and the home is very spacious. They are more than accommodating to food allergies or even just food preferences(vegan, vegetarian, etc.) Fresh fruit was served every morning and my meals were made fresh every single day. Along with the options of delicious homemade desserts to choose from. They checked on me almost every hour on the hour. It was fantastic to not have to worry about a single thing while I was there. Garments/clothes were washed daily and my room was cleaned and sanitized daily as well in order to further keep up with the COVID 19 sanitation procedures. The nurses were always extremely gentle and careful with helping with showers and compression garments. They had a chart with my info on it about my procedures and the timing for my meds.  If I have any more procedures done, without a doubt I will be staying here again. Highly recommended!


Google Review: Absolutely hands down the best place to recover! The coordinator Kim was the best at communication from the beginning to the end of our stay she coordinated our stay and transportation anywhere we wanted to including surgery drop off and pick up . The nurses at Casa by Linda I can’t thank them enough for all the care they provided me with before and after surgery they are so sweet and caring I have nothing but great things to say about them we were able to meet 6 of the nurses Araceli, Amber, Gabby, Jocelyn, Liliana and the massage therapist Priscila they all made us feel so comfortable . There would be 2 nurses at a time all very helpful and caring they were on top of it with your needs from meals, snacks, medications helping you shower and get dressed they even do your laundry. All of the nurses where very knowledgeable, respectful and professional when caring for you I would definitely go back again. Priscila the message therapist was very knowledgeable I felt very comfortable with her. I didn’t want to leave I even told my husband “maybe I should stay here longer and you can head back home” I would definitely recommend this recovery guesthouse if you want to experience only the best care for your recovery!

Washington, USA


Thank you Linda for such a wonderful stay at your house. You and your staff, Priscilla and the rest of the nurses helped my wife's surgery recovery process so much easier. I want you to know that your caring for your patience is really appreciated. I'm glad there are places like yours and people like you and your staff in this world.

Oh! and that view of the ocean! my God... I'm going to miss it. :(

California, USA

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