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For your convenience, this $39 USD one-time fee will be added to the cost of your stay to shorten your "To Bring List" of items. We know that you will want to travel lightly & yet not have to worry about every little after surgery need that you might have while you are away. Therefore, on-site we provide many personal care items, including, but not limited to, the following items: bed pads, body gauze, maxi pads, tampons, nausea bags, band-aids, nitrile gloves, medical tape, gauze, Hibiclens®️ antibacterial soap, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, tissues, toilet paper, earplugs, arnica tea, cotton balls & swabs, hand sanitizer, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, razors & an assortment of non-prescribed general supplemental medications (i.e., acetaminophen, ibuprofen, stool softeners, melatonin, enemas, Tramadol®️ drops, anti-nausea pills). There are also slippers, a robe & use of a wheelchair, walker, hair tools (dryer, straightener) for use during your stay.  

We are here to assist you. So please feel free to let us know if you there is something you need that is not on the list & we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Image by Tina Witherspoon

Medical Supply Closet Fee
will be added to each patient's stay.

$39 USD

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